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Lana Johnson

Lana Johnson

website: LanaJohnsonArt.com
email: lana.langston@gmail.com

“I was in fifth grade the first time I became fascinated by patterns in nature. My teacher assigned a project researching the Fibonacci Sequence in Nature. I was amazed by the precision and perfection I found in various flowers, shells, and trees along with larger patterns such as rocks and rivers. Every element of the earth is in a constant state of change because everything is affected by the movement of its surroundings or even something on the opposite side of the earth.

My interest has branched off from patterns in nature to include human nature and the patterns within our society and relationships that can be universally understood and emphasized with. My oil paintings focus on organic formations created by a constant history of movement in geology. The process of my paintings includes layering fabric, which also carries the same quality of a small fragment creating the whole. The fabric creates a rich and varied texture lending itself to the intricacies of history and our earth.” – Lana Johnson

Recent Work