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Marion Rice

A Texan by birth and rearing, Marion has called Arkansas her home since 1984.  Her artistic parents kindled a desire for her to keep art a central passion for her life. Throughout school she was recognized for her art skills, winning several awards.

Life has been full and rich raising five children, church involvement and she taught art in a local private school.

She believes that since we were made in the image of our Creator, that we were also designed to create.  “He wants each of us to express and share our gifts by investing them in people and bringing God the glory.”

She has been privileged to paint under the guidance of Heike Talbert, Barry Thomas, Paul Kethley of Colorado, Guido Frick of Germany, Amy Imler, and many workshops.

Marion has a wide variety of contemporary and impressionistic paintings.  She uses oil, acrylic and mixed media, all rich in color.  Inspiration comes from every direction,  “I want to paint something that conjures a memory, stirs an emotion, or tells a story….and always points us back to our Creator.”

Recent Work