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Dixie Rogers

website: DixieRogers.net
email: dixie_robin@sbcglobal.net

Dixie Rogers began winning awards for her art at a young age, starting with best of show for the state of Arkansas in the Arkansas Young Artist Exhibition.

Dixie paints mainly in oils, however, one thing that sets her apart is her incredible diversity. She creates beautiful, realistic renaissance-style oil paintings, but can also paint lovely contemporary abstract art as well.

She has traveled to Italy and studied the work of the great masters. “This is what moves me” she states. Caravaggio, Michelangelo and da Vinci are among some of her artistic influences. A passion for the human figure and the dramatic use of chiaroscuro sets her work apart and makes it timeless.

She is also happy to work by commission, creating a lovely painting from a client’s favorite photo or painting a beloved pet.

Dixie has been represented in galleries in Little Rock and Seaside, Florida. Her paintings can be found throughout the United States, from San Diego, CA, to Richmond, VA.

Selected Works