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Bob Snider

website: bobsniderwatercolors.com
email: robtsnider@aol.com

Bob Snider

Bob Snider is an award winning watercolorist from Little Rock who has a unique masculine flair for color and composition. Whether it is a wild floral arrangement of gladiolas, or a racehorses thundering down the track, you will be able to identify Bob’s unique artistic signature that makes his work stand out from other artist.

“Watercolor is fast, fluid and filled with techniques” said Bob in a recent interview. “The artist brings skill and vision into the creative process to produce not only a unique work of art, but something that pleases and inspires the viewer”. “Beyond the joy of owning something beautiful, I try to make each piece very personal…not only art which is for you… but about you”.

“The artist has an obligation in custom work for the painting to capture the features and personality of the subject”. But the real magic starts after the foundation has been laid.

The works shown on this website are samples of Bob’s work, designed to give you an idea of its quality. It is Bob’s desire to work with you personally to produce a unique painting that could be anything from a grandchild to a homestead to the artistic recreation of an old photograph. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all his work.

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