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Larry Talley

After more than a half century working as an artist and writer, Larry Talley’s philosophy of creativity is simple: Art Is Life. Life Is Art. His art today is a visual reflection of the world as he experiences it in every unfolding moment of exploration and discovery. Much of Talley’s work is intuitive, with inspiration derived from sources as diverse as music, travel, and literature to the exquisite simplicity of Nature – and he happily parks his personal belief system “at the intersection of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics.”

Having worked for decades as an advertising writer in Little Rock (Cranford-Johnson) and Dallas, Talley has come full circle back to his tribal ground to reconnect with the people and transformational influences that shaped his early years and inspired him to see the Universe through a unique lens of fearless originality. Talley has won national awards in advertising as a writer and producer in print, radio, and television, and as an illustrator/designer for both Recycled Greetings in Chicago and Marcel Schurman/Papyrus in San Francisco, several fast-paced years that yielded the accomplishment of having international greeting card lines bearing his name with both companies. Prior to moving to Dallas in 1978, Talley also served as Director Of Development for the Arkansas Arts Center, facilitating the highly successful multi-million dollar fundraising campaign empowered by the Winthrop Rockefeller Charitable Trust.

During his more than three decades in Dallas, Talley had several One Man Shows and his acrylic paintings and Japanese brushstroke art have been featured in galleries in both Texas and Santa Fe. Currently working in a modern mixed media mash-up of traditional painting and drawing with elements of digital enhancement, Talley’s monoprints and giclees are hand-embellished to be one-of-a-kind originals in numbered limited editions. Many of his subjects reflect a deep sense of spirituality, which he hopes is gently conveyed to those who are open to receive the energy with which they are lovingly imbued.  And with his work now in private collections on both sides of the pond, Talley is inspired to continue the never-ending creative journey that has finally brought him home to his beloved Arkansas roots.

“Enlightenment means growing all the time, wherever you are, in any given moment.
It is not something that happens once and is complete. As an artist and as a human being I am always learning, always seeking, always expressing, always growing. That’s what makes Life and Art endlessly stimulating – and forever intertwined.”

Recent Works